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The role of hot drinks in the life of any person is best known to the suppliers of coffee. In the segment of soft drinks, coffee is the most popular. Almost in all houses, the day begins with an invigorating fragrant cup. Trade firms, restaurants and coffee shops are becoming increasingly difficult to monitor the market situation and not to miss the new products appearing on it.

The coffee market has been quite stable in recent years. Virtually the entire population of our planet uses this drink. As for the qualitative dynamics of the market, here there is an increase in consumer demand for a packaged product and an awakening of interest in premium brands.

On the world stage, it maintains a leading position on coffee consumption and firmly stands on the honorable 4th place. Analysts have recently recorded some market fluctuations, but there are no prerequisites for serious waves.

The factor of stability of sales volumes and the absence of their expansion is the full saturation of the segment. As almost all the population drinks coffee, the market does not increase due to the increase in the number of consumers. High demand for the product and commitment to it restrain and reduce.

According to experts, the market is distributed among the main participants and is poorly available for new players due to the high level of entry risk. Despite this situation, internal competition is very happy. The main controllers are 5 large companies. In general, their share is about 80%. There are 5-10 players of the second echelon in the market.

Analysts noted a decrease in sales of flavored products and an increase in demand for more expensive varieties.